Post Covid-19 challenge

CH Simple Design is collaborating with 100%Plus and Global Urban Design CIC on a pilot community co-design social housing project.

We look for land, partners, and collaborators to form a community of self-builders. We are especially interested in advancing the economic empowerment of women, their families, underrepresented, marginalised people and people for whom it would be an impossible dream to get on the property ladder.

While everyone has been adopting to spend more time at home, we would like to take this time to invite people to review their living space and environment. This information will be a valuable asset to help us to understand what people really need.

There are key areas that we are keen to find out more.

1. lack of access to outdoor space

2. potential problems with creating live-work space, good home school and play space for families with young children

3. need for multi-generational housing with separate living space to shield the vulnerable at home

4. how to retrofitting homes to improve sustainability

5. how to reducing CO2 emissions and operating costs and improving health and well-being for our community self-builders together

We would love to hear from you. Here is your invitation to share with us your thoughts and needs for housing in the future. Please use the following link to access to the survey.

A model making challenge has been launched together with the questionnaire. We love people of all ages to join and using objects in their recycling bin to build models of their dream home, building, street, park, neighbourhood, interior,exterior, or rural environment.

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